My Experiences Within Motherhood, & my Attempts to Maintain a Personal Life Outside of It.

My experiences within motherhood and my attempt to maintain a personal life outside of it.
...Here I record my own self discipline: My commitment not to "let myself go". My promise to seek my God and follow my passions.
My attempt to do so despite and amidst the chaos of chasing around my high-energy kids while learning the French culture...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cheerio Dust

No. I don't mean that my cereal is getting old. I mean we're at that point where there is more cheerio dust in the bag than whole Cheerios. Don't you hate it when this happens?
We blow through these boxes of cereal pretty quickly in our house as it has become Charity's go-to snack on a regular basis. I guess it's time to get a new box.
Having easy snacks around is critical as a parent of a toddler. I have found that cheese sticks work great too. Super portable! We're also big fans of blueberries here. They're the perfect snack: self-contained, not messy, just wash them n' go... plus they're loaded with antioxidants and babies love them! They're safe to feed by 8 months old, so what's not to like? What has been/was your favorite snack to give your children?


TwoBoysMom said...

Goldfish crackers! :)

Also, I finally got wise and figured out a way to get rid of the Cheerio dust, and still get the O's at the bottom of the box ~~ dump it all into a fine mesh strainer (over the sink of course)! Voila! We've saved a lot of bowls of cereal that way :)

Maribeth said...

I actually just discovered this very same technique yesterday! Totally hopefully!