My Experiences Within Motherhood, & my Attempts to Maintain a Personal Life Outside of It.

My experiences within motherhood and my attempt to maintain a personal life outside of it.
...Here I record my own self discipline: My commitment not to "let myself go". My promise to seek my God and follow my passions.
My attempt to do so despite and amidst the chaos of chasing around my high-energy kids while learning the French culture...

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Week of Wonderful Returns!

I missed doing this side of my blog.  This "the glass is half-full" portion of my posts.  We all need a little optimism now and then, and hopefully even the most hectic of schedules and lifestyles shouldn't deter me from taking a moment to write down what I'm thankful for in the past week.

I'm revamping it a little, though.  Formerly my list was "Ten Things That Made This Week Wonderful".  While I agree that we should be able to find at least ten things in every DAY to be grateful for, the requirement added an unnecessary stress on my part and was one of the factors which kept me from the consistency of this post.  Henceforth, it shall simply be,

Little Things That Made This Week Wonderful...

  • It doesn't get said enough:  I have a really amazing husband.  He makes everything about my week better. 
  • Charity says the funniest things these days.  As her vocabulary grows, her understanding of the things around her increases, and her skill in sentence forming furthers, we get some amusing statements.  She always keeps me laughing. 
  • I had a great Valentine's day with my sweetie.  Kid-free afternoon, food, movies, chocolate, and just relaxing.  It was blissful.
  • Silas is literally smiling and laughing all the time.  He brings sunshine into the room and keeps my heart forever smiling.
  • Friday I got to spend a lunch at Chipotle with some wonderful gals from our youth ministry.  Always a treat to be with the girls.
  • When I picked up Charity from the preschool at church this morning she told me, "I learned 'bout JESUS!"  ...oh my heart!
  • Today was a refreshing Sunday.  An encouraging message at church in the morning, and ended with dinner at a friend's.  Can't complain.
Did you find your week to be wonderful as well?

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