My Experiences Within Motherhood, & my Attempts to Maintain a Personal Life Outside of It.

My experiences within motherhood and my attempt to maintain a personal life outside of it.
...Here I record my own self discipline: My commitment not to "let myself go". My promise to seek my God and follow my passions.
My attempt to do so despite and amidst the chaos of chasing around my high-energy kids while learning the French culture...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

God and Sunrise Earth

I'm so excited!  I was given some money for Mother's Day from my folks, and last week I used it to order a DVD TV series, "Sunrise Earth".  It came in the mail yesterday.

This might sound random initially, but if you have never seen this show on Discovery Channel or HD Theater, it is remarkable.  It is produced by the same creators of Planet Earth, but all it is is beautiful sunrises.  Nothing else.  No narration, no added music, just the symphony of nature in a single location during the waking of the day for sixty minutes.  It's like you opened up your window at 5:30 in the morning and looked out over a majestic scene.  How perfectly serene.

I came to love this program about two years ago when I started watching it in the morning while doing my devotions and time with God.  When I was a teenager, I used to wake up early in the morning in time to watch the sunrise and would sit out on my street with a blanket and a Bible.  Not having the energy to rise so early any longer, when I discovered this program it was truly like therapy.  One hour every morning, I could sit with a cup of green tea and a bowl of hot oatmeal with my Bible and just meditate in peace.  Knowing that some beautiful landscape somewhere in the world was waiting for me to view its dawn was motivation for me to get up every morning and undergo my sacred ritual.  This was a holy hour for me.  God and I could just be.

It's been over six months since we down-graded our cable package and lost our DVR, which also meant the loss of my beloved daily recordings of Sunrise Earth.  So when this DVD set came in the mail yesterday, I was overjoyed.  John has been sick all week, so this morning I had to opt out of going back into my Sunrise Earth morning routine so I could take care of him.  However, I am eager for tomorrow morning.  I have such anticipation!  

My daily time with the Lord has been far and few between lately, and I am the kind of person that needs time of quiet reflection.  I am very social, but I have always been a person who could be content to just spend time by myself.  "I am my own best company," I always say.  Since the day we brought Charity home from the hospital, time alone to myself in the quiet of my thoughts is so very rare.  Those quiet times are when I can find me again.  I have missed soaking them up.  So, hopefully something as simple as a DVD will be a valuable tool in helping me spend time with Creator of the sunrise.... as well as gaining a little bit of myself back.  ...Looking forward to relaxing reflection and Scripture reading in my near future!

Need ten minutes to just relax?  Pick one of these three Sunrise Earth clips and open it to full screen and experience the calming effects of creation greeting the day.

Foothills of Turkey

Cribworks Kayak

Western Ranch

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